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Branding & design

Our expertise in brand creation and design will ensure your brand is coherent, consistent and reflects your company’s vision and values.

Business branding

Regardless of size and industry sector, your business needs a visual identity, vision and ethos. Your brand may be clear to you, but what about your employees, peers and most importantly, your potential customers?

Our team of marketing and design experts are perfectly suited to creating the perfect brand identity for your business. Whether your existing brand needs some guidelines, a quick refresh, or you are a startup with nothing but a name in mind, the knowledge of our marketing experts combined with the creativity of our design team, is the perfect mix to ensure your business gets the identity it needs.

Creating a positive experience

Even if your website works well on a functional level, if it isn’t designed appropriately, it won’t provide a positive experience for your customers. Purposeful design is vital for all aspects of the work we carry out for our clients.

Whether applied to a website, an email campaign or a business application, we believe in form and function working together to create valuable, measurable and worthwhile brand experiences.

Clear communication

When it comes to communicating with your target audience, instilling trust through consistency is extremely important. Applying consistent, great design across all of your company’s touch points will elevate your brand image and encourage positive, continued interaction.

Our team of experienced designers are perfectly placed to help you create everything you need, from digital display adverts to printed flyers and exhibition graphics. Whether we have been working with you developing your brand for years, or you simply need a small design job completed, our team will produce stunning visuals to help you clearly communicate your brand and message.

Brand considerations

Having a beautiful, intricate logo is great, however certain designs don’t always work in all formats. When reduced down in size in low resolution on a screen, or printed in greyscale, your brand may lose its identity if you’re not careful. Pixelated logos, missing graphic elements and incorrect colour use can all have serious negative effects on your brand and damage trust, which is why it is so important to ensure your brand is always representing you as it should.

Our designers are experts in both print and digital media, so understand how important a consistent brand image is at all times. This is why we put a great deal of effort in ensuring that your brand elements, logos, fonts and colours are perfectly compatible and legible in all situations and formats.

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